Business Advancement Programme Membership


Primus Capital Business AdvancementTM Programme

Our programme is open to all clients and offers a variety of services focused on supporting your business and monitoring performance

Membership benefits

Eligibility requirements

We know that supporting your business is not a ‘one-size fit all’ service and so we customise our support to best help you achieve your goals. Examples of how we can help you include:

• Monitoring: Quarterly and annual monitoring of progress. For UK-based businesses, progress is assessed against pre-agreed KPI’s and the business plan. For migrant businesses endorsed under Innovator or Start-Up visa categories, progress is assessed against the business plan for ongoing compliance with UK Home Office requirements.

• Advisory: Mentoring, business support and strategic advisory. This will be tailored to the needs of the member and may include business planning, capital raising support, operational optimisations and so on. Where appropriate, we will also make referrals and introduce you to parties within our network.

The programme is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses that are based in the UK, including those who have successfully received endorsement from Primus Capital under the Start Up or Innovator visa route. Enrolment for those businesses or individuals that do not fall within the geographical scope or size may still be able to join the programme and each case is assessed on its merits.

As an FCA-regulated firm, we are required to undertake mandatory compliance checks on you and your business. Enrolment and membership are contingent on passing these compliance checks, and our due diligence and business viability assessment. Only those entrepreneurs satisfying these requirements are eligible to join. On application, you will be asked to provide further details on your business, including a full business plan and financial forecast. These checks, including those performed by third party compliance companies, will attract a one-off cost, payable before screening begins.

One-time fee
Due Diligence Cost (all member types)3000

 Regular Cost
Annual Membership Cost (£)
Payment by Quarterly Instalments
20% Discount
Annual Membership Fee (£)
Full Payment in Advance
Migrant Entrepreneur – Start Up Visa10000 (2500 per quarter)10000 8000  
Migrant Entrepreneur – Innovator Visa12500 (3125 per quarter)12500 10000  
UK Entrepreneur12500 (3125 per quarter)12500 10000  

Representative of typical due diligence costs for an individual firm director. Actual costs will vary and is based on several factors including the age, size and complexity of the business. The total DD cost is capped at and will never exceed £4000 for an entrepreneur. You will be advised of the exact amount payable before the assessment begins.